What we do

Exec on the GO is a Professional Services firm offering Secretarial and Administrative Support to Business Owners and SMMEs in all industries.

Maintaining excellence in operational and administrative matters

We realise that being an Exec and keeping your eye on admin is extremely difficult, it requires a lot of energy and time. Let us sort out your diary, proposals, accounting, travel and events while you grow your business; it will save you time so you can drive your vision.

Services and support when you need them

While you grow your business, hiring full-time resources may be very costly; we give you value when you need it.

Available 24/7

Unlike many other firms, we are available 24/7. We know that things break in the night and some deals come through at odd hours of the day; you can always count on our firm to be there when you need us the most.

Access to helpful and influential networks

We connect you to influential circles and arrange meetings that will help you grow your business from stage zero.

Professional services from trusted experts

Our team has worked for top companies in financial institutions and professional services firms. They are fully vetted, trusted and extraordinary.

Contact us

10 Tsesebe Road, Dawnpark, Boksburg, Johanesburg, 1459
082 747 1532


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